The Tactical Headsets are available in different versions for a wide range of Two-Way radio brands and models


M11 Pro Without PTT

M11 Pro with a short cable and side connector for the specific radio for should/chest placement.
Use internal radio ptt for transmition.

Tactical Headsets M11 Pro short
Tactical Headsets M11 Pro Short head

M11 Pro Inline PTT

M11 Pro with longer cable, inline PTT and side connector for the specific radio for belt placement.

Tactical Headsets M11 Pro in-line PTT
Tactical Headsets M11 Pro in-line PTT Head

M11 Pro TP-120 connector

M11 Pro with TP-120 connector THS-Config for Tactical Headsets Rugged PTT harness

Tactical Headsets M11 Pro Headset
Tactical Headsets M11 Pro System head
Tactical Headsets M11 Pro System

A lightweight Solution With or Without Helmet.

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