Listen to the patented Tactical Headset compared to a "normal" bom microphone while the ambient noise is turned up all the way to 115 decibels.

Press Play and switch between the mics.

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Introducing our revolutionary Tactical Headsets - designed for clarity and performance in any environment.

Experience a new level of noise-canceling communication with cutting-edge neckmic technology, delivering crystal-clear sound by capturing your voice directly from the neck-skin while isolating it from surrounding noise.

The headsets boast exceptional noise reduction capabilities, ensuring that whether you're in a bustling urban setting, a crowded event, or a noisy industrial environment, you'll always have loud and clear communication. The in-ear speakers further enhance your experience, delivering superior sound quality for seamless conversations.

Stay connected, focused, and ahead of the game with our Tactical Headsets. Perfect for professionals in law enforcement, military operations, security personnel, or anyone who demands the highest standard of communication in high-noise environments.

The in-ear speakers provide 25DB of passive noise reduction (SNR25) and are equipped with Danish HiFi speakers for the best possible audio. 

The Tactical Headset

Loud And Clear Communication In Any Noise or Environment

  • IP68
  • SNR25
  • Patented Neckmic
  • Lightweight
  • Made In Sweden

No More Wind, Engine or Traffic Noise. Take Business Calls on Your Bike.
Used by the Swedish Armored Vehicles in Combination With Gentex/Bose Systems
Lightweight, Comfortabel and Waterproof. The Perfect Headset For Any Occasion.
Available For Smartphones, PoC devices, Two-Way Radios and Special Systems.



- Developed for Military and Heavy Industry: Our headsets are designed to meet the rigorous demands of military and heavy industry professionals, ensuring durability and reliability in any environment.

- Superior Sound Quality: Enjoy crystal-clear communication with our headsets that feature advanced audio technology, allowing for clear and precise communication, even in noisy environments.

- Comfort and Ergonomics: Our headsets are designed to provide maximum comfort during long hours of use. With adjustable headbands and cushioned ear cups, they ensure a secure and comfortable fit for any user, whether they are an industrial worker, construction worker, or police officer.

Enhancing Safety and Communication for Professionals